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career support.

We all have talent within us. Let’s make it a verb, and bring it to life! Let us help you animate your talent.



Learning doesn’t just happen in discrete chunks. Nor does it just happen by doing stuff. These are both important, but without expert coaching, your learning journey is incomplete. Our approach to coaching focuses on:

  • using information to shake the current status quo. Just like the bathroom scales, the FitBit, a time-tracking app, we use our knowledge and experience to help you see where you are, and where a life with growth will take you.
  • we then dream. We imagine where you want your life to be. We are ambitious, because the human condition has an amazingly high ceiling. Let’s get there!
  • we then work with you to create the habits that will take you to where you want to go. Our psychology-informed approach from trained practitioners knows how to form and reform habits, and how to make them stick.
  • we then help you with the diligence and discipline to keep you going. It’s not always easy, but a coach is a partner in your journey and will dramatically increase your chances of getting to where you want to be. It doesn’t just happen by waking up one morning and deciding to change.

We believe our combination of a real understanding of the psychology that underpins being human, combined with experience at the most senior leadership levels and how the world works, brings a unique opportunity for you to succeed.


career planning.

Career planning is a very specific part of coaching. Live your dreams, follow your passion, find your calling. All sounds great, but what just sounds nice, versus what will lead us to fulfilment in such a big part of our lives while keeping a roof over our heads? Work with us to help unpick how to approach your career, and in particular, how it enhances the person you know you should be. With a deep understanding of what makes people tick, we are able to work with you to start building towards where you want to be.


job seekers who "make it" to interview

(depending on the role and local job-market conditions)

job application & interview.


Your job – your career – has such a significant effect on your life, why leave it to chance? Work with us to invest in your career now. If we didn’t know any better, it seems like the job application and interview process is designed to confound jobseekers. While we are doing our best to change this paradigm, we also understand that the current reality can be at best, confusing for people wanting to grow their career. We are able to help you conceptualise your talents and strengths, and present these in the best manner possible to your future employers. Cover letters, selection criteria and resumes all serve to paint the initial picture of you, and we can help you articulate all those skills you may take for granted. Through to the interview process, we can help you anticipate how the interview will pan out, and coach you through how to be prepared to frame your responses in the best manner possible.