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culture design & change.

Culture is the way “we do things around here”. Are you doing things the way you want them to be done? Why not? Culture.


Increase in net income of "performance-enhancing" cultures

John Kotter, Does corporate culture drive financial performance?, 2011.

1 + 1 = 2. This is the same on Friday. Then again on Monday.

People are different on Fridays. And Mondays. And in January. And in July. And in Perth. And in Melbourne. I think you get the gist!

Financial budgetting and planning, now that’s easy. Planning for your people though, that can be a little trickier.

We understand the nuances of people, and what makes them tick, and can develop plans around that. Sure, people aren’t the same and they still change, but with our deep-rooted understanding of helping people flourish, we can help you build a robust plan for your people that will survive when you walk out of your office. It’ll even work on Mondays in July!

We do this by utilising a number of methods – firstly, we understand the psychology of when people best perform creative work, best perform administrative work, best work well with people. We also use a number of evidence-based tools to help us out too.


culture assessment.


What’s more important than culture in an organisation? Well Peter Drucker famously once said that “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

So what is this ‘culture’? We believe it’s best described as “the way we do things around here”. So if you want to improve your organisation, and deliver on your strategy, you need to change the way “we do things around here”. To change culture, you need to change the behaviours of your organisation – and we are able to offer a wealth of expertise in behaviour change, and in particular designing the conditions in which people thrive!

We are able to use cutting edge, evidence-based tools to assess where your culture is now, and where you want it to be. We can do this by:

  • Using psychometric tools to help assess where your culture currently is;
  • Conducting focus groups to really get to know what underpins your organisation’s behaviours;
  • Analysing your workforce metrics, including looking for the important indicators of culture;
  • Working with front-line staff, through to your executive, to give you an honest picture of how your culture is helping or hindering your achievement.

Knowing – really knowing – where your culture is, is the only place to start when looking at organisational improvement!

culture design.

It’s one thing to start to understand your organisation’s culture, it’s another thing to know what culture you want in your organisation. What’s going to get you to where you want to be?

“Ship it” days work for Atlassian, whereby “free food” works for Google (or does it?). What about corporate gyms, childcare and other perks? Exactly how important are these to designing the culture you want? The answers may surprise you.

Let us help you understand the “do and don’t” of culture design, and we might be able to save you a bit of legwork (and ultimately, money!) by helping you focus on what really matters (hint: it’s not a corporate gym).

We are able to offer you services including:

  • analysis of your organisation, its history, and industry, and give you a sense of the things that really matter in your context;
  • workshop with your staff, management and leaders, to co-create the culture you need to get things done;
  • Develop short, medium and long term plans to start taking your culture from where it is, to where it needs to be!

We’re able to work with you in a range of capacities in order to start getting your people to where they need to be – and do it right, it’s where they’ll want to be too!




culture enhancement planning.

If you’ve managed to read the important elements of organisational culture above, you should be able to guess what this section will hold – our ability to help you get from your current culture to the culture that works.

We are able to take our knowledge of culture assessment, culture design, and turn that into a plan to make things happen. We do this with a deep understanding of how to create long term, sustainable improvement in organisational culture. We do this through a deep understanding of:

  • What needs to happen every day, week, month and year to embed your new culture;
  • How to create the habits of high performing cultures, with a particular understanding of how psychology contributes to it;
  • Plans and deliverables for all staff, frontline through to senior management.

So let us help you create the culture that takes your organisation to where you dreamed it could go.