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Welcome to talenting.


Hello, I am Jonathon Woolfrey, and I created talenting with a mission to help bring your talent to life!

The rate of change in our world is phenomenal, and our systems and structures are not keeping pace, leaving untapped talent dormant within our people who are waiting to come to life. Our workplaces should be designed to allow us to thrive mentally, physically and spiritually! And this is how talenting came to life. No longer should we see talent as a noun – a word that describes a “thing”. We should see talent as a verb – an active word. Let’s bring our talent to life – Animate Your Talent!

I am not alone in this mission. Just as talent is not just an individualistic pursuit, neither is the approach at talenting. Our approach is to bring talent together, and work with other innovative professionals as part of talenting, to put together expert-supported, evidence-based solutions. Our philosophy is “Innovation supported by evidence, not Gimmicks”. With a unique blend of practical, senior leadership experience combined with academic rigor, we are in a strong position to deliver for you.

I hope you consider talenting as an innovative new partner in your own journey towards organisational performance. Be sure to get in touch, whether it be to bounce ideas, to challenge, debate or to work in partnership.

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“We are your partners in problem solving. Let us work with you to deliver solutions that look at where you & your people are now, and where you & your people dream to be.”