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Hannah Walker

Human Resources Project Officer

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Hannah is a highly skilled and dedicated Human Resources professional from a Talent Acquisition background, with a proven track record in providing exceptional support across various functions, including employment contracts, interviews, event support and coordination, ad-hoc projects, Australian visa and mobility support, and police clearances and VEVO Checks. She has a keen eye for detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality outcomes. Hannah is both an individual and a team player. She takes pride in managing multiple priorities and deadlines while maintaining high accuracy and professionalism, making her a valuable asset to any organisation. She also combines her experience with her Psychology background, which better allows her to understand her peers and the professional workforce.


In addition to her professional experience, she has taken on leadership roles outside of work. As the President of the Human Resource Student Association of Western Australia, she strives to bridge the gap between students and the professional workforce. Hannah has presented as a Keynote Speaker for the Australian Human Resource Institute (AHRI) at their first student and early career professional event in Western Australia. She highlighted the importance of student societies and shared her journey of breaking into the workforce. In her final year of studies at Curtin University, Hannah endeavours to continually positively influence the Human Resources profession and inspire future professionals.