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strategy & planning.

A strategy without a plan is a dream; a plan without a strategy is a nightmare.


percentage of people who fail to keep goals without a plan

Just take a look at the complexities of talent strategy development – people are complicated. Put these complex people with other complex people, add relationships, and the complexities multiply!

The key – it’s complex, but not complicated.

As you’ll see embedded throughout our philosophy, we believe it’s as simple and complex as creating the space, getting out of the way, and managing at the margins.

Yes, sometimes this is easier said than done. We have a unique and not overly complex way of bringing clarity to these situations, for you and your teams.

strategic planning.

Strategy and Planning solutions should be focussed on your organisation. Whatever approach you prefer, we believe there are three fundamental elements to the development of any strategy and plan – Purpose, Thinking and Action – and we have a number of methodologies that enable us to take this and turn it into tangible results.

We have proven success in using the below methodologies to achieve sustainable organisational success. You will notice imbued through our methodologies an eclectic combination of contemporary thinkers & their works including Clay Christensen’s The Innovators Dilemma, Daniel Pink’s Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art and other modern evidence-based approaches.

Some of the specific evidenced-based methodologies we utilise include:

  • Widget Thinking (a Good Decision Making technologies concept)
  • Open Space technologies/World Cafe
  • Psychologically validated assessment tools
  • Customised workshops
  • Design Thinking methodologies
  • Participant-led/Unconference style workshop design
  • Dialogue Emergent Design

We are able to blend different formats to ensure they match the needs of your organisation and its people.

action planning. 

We like to think of ourselves as a bit different from other consulting – we go beyond the pretty pictures, spirographs and buzz words and work with you in the all-important action space.

So what makes us different? We have a deep understanding of how action occurs. Some of the methodologies we use include:

  • Action planning with micro-resolutions
  • Personal daily practices
  • Scaffolding – Good Decision Making technologies
  • Getting Things Done methods

This will help us go beyond the plan – and get delivering!

Depending on how much or how little help you need from us, you will end any Strategy & Planning project with clarity about your purpose, and how you are going to deliver upon it. We guarantee that!

We design programs, from just a few hours to long-term deliberative processes that engage people across your organisation in a variety of different ways.


bespoke solutions. 

We are also able to help you come up with a plan to achieve anything of any persuasion. This includes things such as;

  • talent and workforce planning;
  • diversity planning
  • team building, planning and development.

Our preference is to sit with you, understand your needs, and work with you to design the most appropriate way to achieve what you want.

Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • Long term strategy development processes that engage teams from top to bottom in your organisation.
  • Half day session with team/s to answer the question – what is your purpose & how does strategy deliver it.
  • Using metric tools, for example a variety of psychometric & culture assessment tools to provide objective data on strategy.
  • Off-site sessions at our recommended spaces specifically chosen to facilitate strategic planning programs.

We can do this for a diverse range of industries & have a unique group of partners who offer alternative and original ways of doing things.